Filip Vaněk x JUSTLOVE - limited collection

This limited cashmere collection was the result of JUSTLOVE's collaboration with leading Czech stylist Filip Vaňek. He suggested adding traditional Moravian embroidery to unisex sweaters from local Mongolian factories. Magda Sedlářová and her colleague Pavlínka took care of this. Magda has been embroidering in Skoronice in Slovakia for more than twenty years. The design of the limited collection is a combination of classic cuts and colors and the modern inscription FV Says just Love Yourself or the traditional symbol of Slovácko's horseradish. Thanks to the cooperation with Magda and Pavlínka, we also managed to open an important topic, characteristic not only of the world of fashion – ageism. Manual work is still a very underrated activity. People often don't even know what it all entails, and that the maker in question must not only be manually skilled, but also have an aesthetic talent and love for the craft. Living in the region and getting a job in it is also very difficult, especially if you are not in your twenties. And it was discrimination based on age that became the main theme that finally brought the limited collection to life. Indeed, in addition to providing a good feeling from wearing it, truly sustainable fashion should also be an active contributor in solving important life issues of those who create this fashion. Filip Vaněk and JUSTLOVE therefore decided to donate all the profit from the sale of this limited collection to the creators Magda and Pavlínek, which you can see in the cost transparency of each product.

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