Cost transparency



To help you understand the fashion industry and our pricing policy, we have decided on so-called transparent pricing. This means that for each product you will find a breakdown of its price by individual category. These categories include material, labor, logistics and charity. In order to be able to pay for the operation of our company, we add to the costs, the so-called margin. This determines the final price you pay. The following table will help you understand the individual categories.



This cost includes the purchase of the fabric from which the product is made. Sometimes there are several types if a jacket has a lining, for example. 100% natural materials are significantly more expensive compared to synthetic ones.

Supplementary materials

In addition to the fabric, it is also necessary to include the price of threads, tags, zippers, buttons or any other materials found on the clothing.


This is the price we pay the factories or small workshops we work with to produce each piece of clothing. In addition to the final production pieces, the creation of prototypes and samples must also be paid for. Since we have production located in the EU, the labor price is relatively high compared to Asian countries. In the case of Mongolia, the price of labor is a little lower, but due to the fact that we work with small family businesses, the prices of labor are significantly higher than in the case of Mongolian mass production.


This cost includes shipping, customs and packaging costs.


Our margin allows us to pay all the company's expenses and invest in the design and production of new collections. A new collection takes several months to produce, and payments are usually required in advance, months before the first money comes in from customers. We also have to pay the wages or rewards of co-workers, the operation of the e-shop or marketing. Thanks to our margin, we can fairly pay everyone who works with us, be it factories, photographers, models, agencies, social media managers, IT specialists and others.


We are VAT payers, which in the Czech Republic is 21%. Of course, this does not include income tax. This is calculated from the company's total management, and amounts to another 19%.

Good & Science

It is our mission to make the world a better place, so we donate 1% of the profit to support science or any other charitable projects that make sense to us. If you have an idea where help is needed, let us know!

Production in small collections means higher costs as well as the use of natural and nature-friendly materials throughout the entire production and supply chain. In some cases, the cost of producing one piece of clothing will be the same as the final, i.e. selling prices of some fast fashion chains. And we haven't calculated any margin yet. In order to remain competitive, we have chosen a path of lower margins than is common in the fashion industry. In order to be competitive and still be able to be economically self-sufficient, we sell our clothes directly through our website or through pop-ups and so do not have to pay part of our margin to intermediaries.