3 pillars


Just as there is no 100% perfect partner (even if…?), there is no 100% sustainable material either. We therefore decided to go the route of natural materials because we believe that our largest organ (heart? brain?), our skin, is so delicate that it deserves delicate treatment. In addition, 100% natural materials are easily recycled and are naturally degradable.


We want to contribute to increasing the percentage of textile recycling back to textile fibers, or it's all round! Well no! Only 1% of the world's textiles are recycled back into textile fibers. This seems insufficient to us and we want to change it. Full closets do not mean that a person has something to wear. Our ambition is to reverse Pareto's rule and help you create a wardrobe that is at least 80% worn regularly. Plus, any JUSTLOVE clothing that you've fallen out of love with for whatever reason can simply be returned to us, and we'll make sure to make it love again. It's called the circular economy, we borrowed the Japanese concept of the enso circle, which we close together. Just love for life.


We donate 1% of the profit together to support science that brings innovation to the fashion industry. Love is not a science, emotions and facts are opposed to each other. But we have a different opinion. It is a priority for us that JUSTLOVE brings love not only visually, but also internally. To bring a good feeling. Let us do something good for you. By supporting interesting scientific projects, we can make the fashion world better together.